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What experts have to say

  • Gail Attara

    Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and could be very helpful toward achieving health goals.

    Gail Attara

    Gastrointestinal Society's President and CEO

  • Dr. George Honos

    The SOS Cuisine "heart healthy" meal plans meet the latest nutritional recommendations of competent bodies.

    Dr. George Honos

    Joint Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Centre and Head of Cardiology, CHUM

  • Janie Chartré-Bertrand

    We are convinced of the benefits that SOSCuisine can provide to our employees, in adopting healthier eating habits.

    Janie Chartré-Bertrand

    Kinesiologist, CGI

  • Jacqueline Lagacé Ph.D.

    I saw the professionalism and seriousness of SOSCuisine's team and their sincere desire to help people who suffer from chronic inflammation, through proper diet.

    Jacqueline Lagacé Ph.D.

    Author of the best-seller The End of Pain

  • Pearle Nerenberg, M.Sc. R.D.

    SOSCuisine is undoubtedly the best customized meal planning service in existence! Their hockey meal plans are the perfect complement to my book.

    Pearle Nerenberg, M.Sc. R.D.

    Sports Dietitian

  • Mélanie Olivier, R.D.

    The Endurance Sports customizable menus allow for the athlete to maximize glycogen stores while avoiding digestive and gastrointestinal discomfort.

    Mélanie Olivier, R.D.

    President of Vivaï - experts in nutrition

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More than 350,000 families use SOSCuisine to eat better

I love your site and recommend it as a resource for menu planning, budgeting and nutrition.
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Debrah S. (Oakville, ON, Canada)

My bloodsugar level is great and i'm loosing weight!
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Linda D. (Vankleek Hill, ON, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

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Providing anyone the easy option to eat healthily and on budget, everyday and stress free without compromising on taste.

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