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Organic Week – September 19 to 27

8 September, 2015 No Comments

September 19 to 27 is Organic Week, Canada’s largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products. Hundreds of retail locations participate in organic promotions, while over 200 community-level events are held across the country. Events include everything from pickling workshops to recipe contests, farm tours, or organic food and drink tastings.

Father and daughter picking apple in autumn or fall, père et sa fille à la ceuillette

Five U-pick tips

In summer, picking your own fruits or vegetables is one of the most pleasant family activities, as it allows you to spend quality time with your family, bring home fresh produce at great prices, and also teach the little ones, especially those living in cities, about the value of food that we are lucky enough […]

red blood cells, globules rouges

Are you at risk for iron deficiency?

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, iron plays an essential role in human body functioning. Iron is involved in delivering oxygen to cells and regulating growth. Therefore, when there is a shortage of iron, oxygen supply to the cells becomes limited, leading to fatigue, poor work performance, pallor and decreased immune function. These symptoms are also known as anemia. However, too much iron is dangerous and […]


Foods That You Should Always Buy Organic

13 April, 2015 No Comments

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies that protect global and individual health, has published the 2015 version of their Shoppers’ Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Their results are based on chemical tests carried out by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and take into account how people typically wash […]

How to pack a “salad in a jar”, the new go-to lunch

The mason jar salad is the latest fashion to solve the boring task of packing your lunch. It’s portable, healthy, easy to make and offers room for plenty of variety. Dressing goes on the bottom, veggies and other salad goodies get layered on top. Everything stays separate and dressing-free until you shake the jar, then […]

Chili Peppers for colorectal cancer prevention

25 January, 2015 No Comments

Good news for spicy food lovers: the active ingredient found in chili peppers – capsaicin – could reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, according to a recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation. The research team from the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine fed capsaicin to mice that were genetically susceptible […]

Reducing your meat consumption: new arguments

Are you interested in saving money and reducing your ecological footprint? Why not try to reducing meat consumption every day. You’d certainly be doing a favour to your wallet and to the planet. Here are some tips to help you!

Don’t chuck the pumpkin seeds

1 November, 2014 No Comments

After this Halloween week-end, zillions of pumpkins will end up in the trash. If you do not wish to use the pulp, which is delicious, save at least the pumpkin seeds, which are rich in nutrients, such as phytosterols, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

garlic, ail

Stock up on local garlic

15 September, 2014 No Comments

With about 80% of world production, China is by far garlic’s largest producer. We do have local producers, that cannot compete on price, obviously, but their garlic is much tastier, juicier and easier to digest than the imported variety. It is also much healthier, since very little or no pesticide is used in the cultivation. […]

A low-carb pizza???

6 September, 2014 No Comments

Everyone loves pizza, especially kids. But people on a diet try to avoid it, as it might pile on the kilos. Yet it can be part of a balanced diet, as long as it’s not buried under high-calorie toppings. And you can also rustle up some amazing as well as delicious variations. For example, try […]

Edible Flowers

16 August, 2014 No Comments

The zucchini or squash flower is simply magnificent: Five long bright yellow petals that open out into a star and a large yellow pistil. It also tastes very delicious: its texture is crunchy and slightly spongy and it has a very fresh, sweet and mildly tangy flavour. In Italy and Provence, it is mostly eaten […]

Marketing inglorious vegetables

Tons of fruit and vegetables are dumped each year because they don’t meet the standards required by retailers (and consumers). At best, these imperfect products are intended for processing or animal feed, and at worst, the dustbin. But, they are just as good as the nice-looking ones. The solution to such wastage is not simple. […]

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