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It’s time to bake some Christmas cookies

2 December, 2014 No Comments

It’s that time of the year again, when families gather together to rustle up some Holiday bakings. The favourite one in the northern countries is without doubt gingerbread. Such a great fun to cut it with cookie cutters and decorate with icing and all sorts of candy.

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Are artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes?

A new study on artificial sweeteners has been published in the scientific journal, Nature. Since its publication, my News Feed has been full of articles encouraging people to give up artificial sweeteners because of this study. As I’ve always disliked knee-jerk reactions to alarmist news, here are some details to help you clearly understand the […]

tofu dessert

Tofu for a yummy dessert

31 August, 2014 No Comments

Soy is a food that has a high nutritional value. In fact, 1 cup of cooked soybeans contains the same amount of proteins as 100 grams of meat, poultry or cooked fish. And the proteins in soy, unlike other legumes, are considered to be ‘whole’. Moreover, like all legumes, soy has no cholesterol and it […]

Multi-coloured Honey

24 October, 2013 No Comments

Normally, to produce honey, bees collect nectar from nearby flowers and return to the hive to store it in honeycombs. But if other tasty “sweets” are within reach, bees may change their diet, especially in dry weather. And the result may be disastrous. This is what happened recently in northeastern France. Beekeepers in Ribeauvillé found themselves […]

Nugtella, aka Weed Nutella, now available in California

23 August, 2013 No Comments

Nutella goes well with almost everything, just ask any Nutella-lover. It’s not surprising then that Organicares, who specialises in “medical edibles” and is based in San Jose, CA, has come out with a Nutella-like product, called Nugtella, that combines hash oil with hazelnut chocolate spread.

In the world of ice creams and frozen desserts

In the frozen food aisle, how do you choose from among the huge variety of milk, sorbets, desserts and other treats that look like ice cream? To make the right choices for your health and taste buds, you first need the right information. Did you know that for a product to be called ‘ice cream’ […]

Good news for chocaholics

18 April, 2013 No Comments

Already renowned as a healthy treat when enjoyed in moderation, chocolate could become even healthier if manufacturers would adopt a new technology, that replaces up to 50 percent of the fat with fruit juice. Chemists of the University of Warwick, in the UK, have been perfecting such technology in order to obtain a true chocolate […]

Cookie Cup: “Sip the coffee then eat the cup”

18 February, 2013 No Comments

The famous Italian coffee brand Lavazza, known for its passion for design, is about to unleash the ultimate coffee experience – a “cookie cup”. The cup is made of pastry covered with a special icing sugar, which works as an insulator, and makes the cup waterproof hence allowing you to use the cup and then appreciate […]

boire champagne coupe

Aphrodisiac food

16 February, 2013 No Comments

Oysters, chocolate, ginger, seafood, garlic, foie gras, honey… there are tons of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. However most of these are simply beliefs with unknown origins and whose effectiveness hasn’t been scientifically proven.

A little treat that has big plans

2 December, 2012 No Comments

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on December 1st, 2012. This year, the National Bank is organising a fundraising campaign for the benefit of Club des petits déjeuners du Québec. It is offering a pretty tin box filled with gourmet cranberry cookies made and bagged by La Petite Bretonne. Created by Cartel Design, the […]

Chocolate cake worthy of a record

16 November, 2012 No Comments

A Swiss baker from Geneva entered the Guinness Book of Records last Sunday, for having prepared a chocolate cake that was 1,221.60 metres long and weighing 4.2 tonnes. The preparation of the cake took 864 litres of cream, 576 litres of milk, 600 kg of flour, 432 kg of butter and 360 kg of chocolate […]

The most deliciously repulsive cake shop in the world

29 October, 2012 No Comments

Talented bakers and medical experts have joined forces last week-end in London, UK, for an unusual disease and anatomy-themed cake festival. “Eat Your Heart Out“, at London’s Pathology Museum, aimed to educate the public on anatomy and disease through the unusual medium of anatomically correct cakes, cookies, and cocktails. From cancer to sexually transmitted diseases, […]

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