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THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL SITE. My husband is a very picky eater, to the point that I would no longer tell him what I was making ! He would always have a comment like, Oh I don't like that very much, or I am not in the mood for that..worst of all....what's that I've never had that before I'm sure I don't like it.....Did I mention he's my husband and not my child!! With your menus, I have been able to plan the weekly meals, and best of all I don't hear him complain or pick at his food anymore. When he is not to crazy about something, usually an ingredient, I remove it the next time I make the dish.....Heaven no more complaints !!!! At the beginning he was a little reluctant, but I new I was on to something when he said...I really like what you've been making lately! Your site has allowed us to eat well, give me more time for myself, which in return has resulted in me saying bye bye to 23lbs (and counting) over the last 7 months!! More free time = time for a long walk, a bike ride, and stress release !!! Thanks again for a wonderful site !

Josee L.
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada

(4 people in household)

I found your website doing weekly meal plans with all the recipes and the grocery lists. It really takes out the planning/research out of the whole task and only the cooking fun is left (although I still have to wash the dishes!). Iíve been using it for one month now. Enjoyed each and every recipes, and my husband too. Amazing as weíre both picky eaters. Even the baby got a taste and really enjoyed. The best thing is that I can now cook from scratch, I know what goes in my food, I know itís fresh. Not afraid to try out recipes on guests. Iím now a Kitchen Goddess. Well, almost :)

E. C.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

(3 people in household)

I'm really enjoying your site and the service it provides. It's been wonderful in giving me new recipe ideas, and bringing down my grocery bill and saving time :) I've recommended your site ot several friends and we're all getting hooked!

Joanna G.
Montreal, QC, Canada

(4 people in household)

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, it's been 2 weeks since I use the service and I love it, your recipes are simple and delicious. No more asking myself what I will eat this week. It's good to have a menu that is varied and planned in advance. I talk about it to all my friends. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Denise C.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Last week's recipes included a recipe for Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes which I have made twice already. It is a FABULOUS and healthy side dish or salad to serve with lots of other dishes. I will make it often. Every week I get at least one good idea from you. Thanks!

Jan L.
Dorval, QC, Canada

(3 people in household)